Getting to Nepal

15 08 2010

Having been stranded overnight in Chicago-O’Hare in June (on return from Fulbright orientation) and delayed on a recent 18-hour return flight from Sydney, Australia, the flight to Nepal wasn’t that bad. There was just a bit of turbulence that made people who hadn’t fastened their seatbelts fly up into the air, but I don’t think anyone was hurt.

I flew from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Chicago to Delhi, India before taking the next day’s flight to Kathmandu. My overnight experience in Delhi’s Indira Ghandi airport was much better than last time (in 2006) because the international terminal is brand new — completed last month. They even have chaise lounges sprinkled throughout the airport, so you can actually stretch out instead of sleeping upright in hard chairs!

While waiting in the transit area for the next day’s flight, I saw someone I knew from Davenport, Iowa. She and her mother were returning from a summer in Nepal so she could resume classes at St. Ambrose University. The cliche of a small world is really true. I also met some nice Nepalese people who’d been on the same Chicago flight on their way to Nepal. We helped one another get to the gate and watched each others’ bags during bathroom breaks.

After landing and getting a temporary visa, I was met by my husband’s older brother Subash and his wife Archana. I will spend the first couple days with them until my Fulbright apartment is ready.




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