Of bandhs and remote-controlled helicopters

15 08 2010

Today is the bandh, or strike. Strangely enough, I think I like bandhs because the congestion of cars is gone and the normal air pollution is minimized. People have to walk or ride bikes and motorcycles (where allowed). Maybe I won’t feel this way when I’m downtown and can’t follow my normal routine.

Even with the bandh, my brother-in-law Subash had to work, which means walking 2 hours each way instead of driving his car so I feel bad. My 5-year old nephew Shuvam still had school (on a Sunday) so we walked him to class since the school van couldn’t get through.

House view

Dawn view from a bedroom balcony of my in-laws' house in Dhapasi, Kathmandu

The last few days at my in-laws have been very peaceful but my task-oriented American cultural patterns are kicking in and I’m ready to move into my new apartment where I can begin working on my grant objectives. In the meantime, I’ve been spending a lot of time playing with Shuvam. He adores me in the way any kid would adore someone who brought them a remote-controlled helicopter and chocolates. Which is to say, I’m nothing special without the toys and candy! The helicopter took up a lot of space in my luggage, but that space will soon be filled with Nepal puchases.

Superman Shuvam

My nephew playing Superman




5 responses

18 08 2010
Yer other sis

She’s as bad as Daniel! He gives Evan all of Ethan’s old noisy toys (including a helicopter!) just because he knows it irritates me!

19 08 2010
yer sis

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I will keep this in mind…

17 08 2010
Mom and Dad

Re snakes: I could use a new skin. Great pictures. It all sounds interesting. Keep blogging.

15 08 2010
yer sis

You bought him the helicopter?!

16 08 2010
Kathryn Hagy


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