Ongoing Topic: Nepalese vs. American Education

19 08 2010

Okay, this is hilarious. Sort of. I met with the Campus Chiefs (Nepal’s version of Dean or Department Chair) of the two schools where I’ll be teaching: Sirjana College of Fine Arts and Tribhuvan University. I’m not sure I understand all the details but due to curricular revisions and the resulting postponement of placement exams, Sirjana’s school year won’t begin until November. My grant ends in December. This decision was made in the last week and classes were supposed to have started next week. Hmmm.

Tribhuvan’s art college will begin classes next week, and the faculty are meeting Sunday, maybe Monday to finalize the class schedule and decide where to assign me. With, at most, 48 hours warning, there is no way to organize an entire semester’s worth of content. Luckily, I’m good at playing it by ear. International experiences force an adaptability to unusual circumstances, or at least circumstances that are unusual to the foreigner and normal for everyone else. Ke garne.




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