Janai Purnima Festival

28 08 2010

Here are some video highlights of the recent Janai Purnima festival in Patan’s Durbar Square. Patan is one of the three cities within the Kathmandu Valley that have essentially grown into one big city due to urban sprawl. Enjoy!




4 responses

10 10 2010
Mallory Singbeil

I love this video. I actually feel like I am in the culture and in the chaos. What does the man walking down the street witha big mask on resemble?. Also when the boys are playing in the water, does that symbolize something or is it holy?

11 10 2010
Kathryn Hagy

Hi Mallory,

If you loved this video, hopefully you’ll love my Indra Jatra video if I can ever finish editing it! I’m glad you liked the video. Janai Purnima is a mix of traditions so there’s something for everyone even if the sacred thread ceremonies are meant for upper-caste Hindus. I’ll have to ask, but the masked dancer looks more like a Tibetan Buddhist demon to me. And yes, water is very important for purification (spiritual as well as physical, but mostly spiritual in this case) which is why I didn’t try to touch the water since, technically speaking, foreigners are considered “Untouchables.”

29 08 2010
jane gilmor

Oh Kathryn, what a beautiful video! It seems like I am there again! We’ll be having something similar this labor day weekend at the New Bohemia Fest (kidding). hugs! jane

29 08 2010

I’m so excited for you. What a great experience. I just read through the blog. Looking forward to more posts. Work on those frogger skills.

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