Strike one, I’m In

8 09 2010

Yeah! The strike is over! I report for work tomorrow at the Lalit Kala campus of Tribhuvan University. I think I’m teaching an art class called “Composition”. I’m unsure what TU’s version of this is. Maybe it’s equivalent to Mount Mercy’s basic AR103 Design class?  Hmmm.

I’m sure any MMU Intro to Art students reading this right now are cringing at the thought of an entire semester on composition. Students: have you learned those principles of composition yet? Repeat after me: balance, rhythm, proportion/scale, emphasis & unity/variety. Good job!




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12 09 2010
william allen

I noticed you have talked about the strike but not what it is about and if it has any ramifications on your teaching. I assume it is a unversity strike.

14 09 2010
Kathryn Hagy

Hi William,

In order to find the answer, you’d need to go back a few posts to where I mentioned the reason(s) for the strike. Essentially, it was protesting the imposition of a new curricular system and rising tuition costs. I’m by no means an expert on Nepalese educational systems, so I don’t know all the details. Since I hadn’t begun teaching here yet, the ramification was simply that I couldn’t teach, and I started fresh on the first day after the strike was over since there was no syllabus plan already. Thanks for reading the blog!


10 09 2010
April Hageman

Hi Kathryn!

It’s nice to have the opportunity to follow your blog; which I came across on Facebook of all places!

Sounds like an awesome experience – and yes, I remember all too well those principles of composition! 🙂

Have a great time – all the best!

14 09 2010
Kathryn Hagy

Hi April!

Thanks so much for tuning in! Always nice to hear from former students! I hope things are going well with your job and everything else. Take care!


9 09 2010
Kathryn Hagy

The unfortunate thing about traveling primarily by myself is that there’s no one to take pictures of me, and handing the camera over to complete strangers (the hippie-ish Shangri-la seeking tourists appear less trustworthy than the locals) is a bit of a risk, but I may have some pictures that I’m actually in by next week!

9 09 2010
Molly Altorfer

Hi Kathryn
Good luck with the Composition class! I was flipping through your Flickr account. We are working on the Mount Mercy magazine right now. Do you have any photos that you are in? We’d like to possibly include some.

8 09 2010

well congrats. Here’s hoping that after the first 2 classes you’re not trying to incite another strike 🙂

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