Still in India

29 10 2010

Hi Everyone,

Believe it or not, we’re still in India. Travel delays are keeping us here for 2 more days, which is fine since we’re having a great time, seeing unbelievable sights, and eating amazing food! I’m now convinced that everybody should travel to India at least once in their lives. It’s going to be difficult to choose a selection of photographs to represent my India journey, since you can pretty much aim a camera anywhere and capture something interesting. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to finish shopping for more of Varanasi’s famous handwoven silk fabrics.




One response

31 12 2011
Sonal Sahai

Please visit Banaras exclusively to see the various Festivals and Ramlilas… Ramnagar Ramlila even today is 30 days event where no Electric lights or power mick/speakers are used…. Nakkataiya … Nati Imli Bharat Milap .. Lolark Kund mela… the list is long. Nice to know that U loved Banaras. From a Banarasi

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