Art Statement

Hagy Artwork Splash

Splash Series 2 from the Cedar River in Iowa; Digital print on watercolor paper; 2010

I have long been fascinated by pattern and rhythm in nature, which manifest themselves in the phenomena of my work via movement through air, space and fluid. My recent explorations relate to water, especially as it concerns gravity. I grew up in the rainy, misty Pacific Northwest where cloud cover both obscures and reveals light in unusual ways. In Seattle, it is possible to drive from the edge of salty Puget Sound to a mountain pass in 1.5 hours, so I was attuned to ranges of climate zones and natural phenomena from an early age. Currently, I am “capturing” splashes of water photographically. This is a bit like capturing snowflakes that melt almost instantly in your hands. The splashes appear for a moment, and no two are the same, which makes them truly phenomenal.

The process I use and explore is between wonderment and science, at a moment when play turns into awe, and the mind plays catch-up to figure out why the moment was so awe-inspiring and wonderful. What I create is an aura or a new space for contemplating the boundaries between science and art, between science and a connection to something bigger, between play and critical thinking, between a single moment and a rhythm in nature, between states of being (fluid, ice, condensate), or between thought and speech.

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